4. May 2017
Lukas Züst, China Desk VISCHER AG

Effects of the bilateral ties with China on Swiss Technology

At the occasion of Mr Johann Schneider-Ammann’s visit to Bejing in April 2016, China and Switzerland established the innovative strategic partnership, which was the first partnership of its kind between China and another state. It was established to promote common development and prosperity of both countries, and aimed to encourage innovative cooperation between businesses, colleges and research institutes.
When visiting Switzerland in January 2017, China’s president Xi Jinping and Swiss Federal Council President Doris Leuthard agreed to strengthen and further develop the innovative strategic partnership between Switzerland and China in more specific manners. Consequently, ten agreements, memorandum of understandings and protocols were signed between Switzerland and China, and the two countries’ institutions respectively.
The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China signed a memorandum of understanding based on the desire to further strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the two institutions in the field of industrial property.
The cooperation will specifically cover (i) the information exchange on the latest development of the two countries’ intellectual property systems, (ii) the information exchange on the legislation and administrative procedures regarding intellectual property, (iii) the exchange of information and experience in patent examination and personnel training, (iv) the exchange of best practices in promoting innovation and socio-economic development with intellectual property, and (v) the exchange of the practical needs of intellectual property rights users, which may also include holding roundtables with representatives from the industries.
A next roundtable with representatives from Swiss companies was organized by the State Intellectual Property Office and held in Shanghai on May 3, 2017. It dealt with patent- and design-related issues.