3. August 2021

LES International

Pan-European Conference
„Sharing is Caring: Pooling IP Assets for Greater Efficiency“

Tuesday, 5 October 2021 – Wednesday, 6 October
9:15am – 4:00pm (CEST)

The Hungarian Chapter of LES is pleased to announce that in 2021, it will once again host the Pan-European Conference of the LESI, which will be held on 5-6 October 2021, as an online event.

The themes of the 2021 Pan-European Conference were built around the slogan “Sharing is caring” and cover no less important areas than SEP/FRAND, IP management in company groups, IP and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Trade Secrets and Know-How, University Technology Transfer, AI and Data Economy, Dispute settlement and IP Enforcement, Copyright in the Digital Age and Investing in IP.

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