14. Mai 2019

Jacques de Werra (éd.) Accords de technologie – Technology Transactions

This book is the eleventh volume in the series  p®opriété intelle©tuelle – intelle©tual p®operty (www.pi-ip.ch), which is edited at the Law School of the University of Geneva (by prof. Jacques de Werra). It collects the papers which have been written for the intellectual property law conference («Journée de Droit de la Propriété Intellectuelle», www.jdpi.ch) organized on February 8, 2018, at the University of Geneva on the topic «Accords de technologie / Technology Transactions». The book covers the following topics:

  • Patent Transactions – limited regulation in the multilateral legal framework and diverse legislation and practice at the country level (Marco M. Aleman);
  • International Technology Transactions from a Development Perspective (Christoph Spennemann);
  • International IP transactions – arguments for developing a UN standard (Mark Anderson);
  • IT Agreements – from software to cloud services (Philippe Gilliéron); Accords de technologie et droit de la concurrence: de l’approche plus économique à la saisie par l’abus de position dominante (Adrien Alberini).