LES-CH Membership

What are the benefits of LES-CH membership?

  • Participation in on-going training courses and expert conferences at the national and international levels.

  • Contact with specialists from industry and service companies as well as universities and the consulting professions

  • Access to LES news

  • Close interaction in industry-specific international working groups

  • Members receive the quarterly les Nouvelles publication   

Who is eligible to become a LES-CH member? 

  • Physical persons resident in Switzerland involved in licensing or other types of transfer of intangible goods or technology due to their profession or position and who are recommended by at least one member.

  • Members of another LESI-affiliated national LES group resident in Switzerland.

  • Physical persons resident in another country without any national LES group and who meet all other requirements.

The Board shall admit new members. The General Assembly may grant a member honorary membership at the request of the Board. Honorary members are released from their contribution obligations (Art. 4). 

How high is the membership contribution?

The membership contribution currently stands at CHF 180.00.

By statute, the membership contribution may not exceed CHF 200.00. 

How is the membership contribution collected?

The contribution must be paid annually on 1 January. In the event of the admission of a member after 31 October, the contribution obligation shall only begin during the following year.  

Can membership be lost?

Members may withdraw from the association at any time by submitting written notification to the Secretary.

The Board may exclude a member for failure to pay membership contributions, breach of the code of conduct and other good cause.