Digital disruption - IP in the new era

We are very excited to welcome you to the 2017 annual conference of LES Scandinavia. The title and theme of the conference is "Digital disruption - IP in the new era" and the conference take place at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen. The Nimb Hotel is conveniently located just across from the Central Station with direct Access to the Tivoli Gardens - One of Copenhagen's cosiest spots.


The Programme will include

  • Insights on disruption management, strategies and business models
    • This topic will be covered by speakers from consultancy firms that excel in disruption strategies, such as Dare Disrupt and McKinsey & Co. - as well as companies that invest in and advance disruption, such as IBM, Uber and Novo Nordisk
  • Updates on challenges, possibilities and developments within information security and big data
    • This topic will be covered by speakers with unique knowledge of trade secrecy trends and legislation, as well as experts within IT security and tools - and companies that utilize big data in disruptive business strategies, such as GN
  • Discussion and elaboration on the future for classic core IP disciplines in a changing world
    • This topic will be covered by speakers with in-depth knowledge of disruption in the IPR field and companies that aim to disrupt the IP world via new solutions for handling and utilizing data, such as DartsIP
  • A deep-dive into considerations around fundamental rights in the digital era
    • This topic will be covered by experts in commercialization of big data as well as experts in fundamental rights under GDPR, which will include Bech-Bruun law firm and DevoTeam


When: 11. - 12. September 2017

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark