"IP and Competition in our economy (Pharma excluded) :
Standard Patent issue at the global digitalization dawn"
On May 24th - From 12:00 to 16:00
At Gide Loyrette Nouel, 22 cours Albert 1er, Paris 8ème

Dear LES Members,
LES France is organizing on May 24th from 12:00 to 16:00 an exceptional  conference on:
“IP and Competition in our economy (Pharma excluded) : Standard patent issue at the global digitalization dawn".
- Professor Peter PICHT (YALE), Pr Peter Picht
- European Commission, DG COMP or DG GROW
- 4i Council represented by Nokia
- More companies to come


Draft program:
- How the present Rules, regulations, case law in the US and EU resolve the existing issues ?
- Is a mere adaptation of SEPs licensing practice a viable solution? Is there a need for other rules, more constraints, other limits ?
o   For instance, setting new practices such as mandatory pools or similar?
o   Or having new rules : fixed rates, licensee level identified from each value chain, define royalty base, free license, royalty cap... ?
o   Or giving SSOs new role? Or using Open Source model…?
- On a longer term, is total transparency a viable and good solution for innovation and competition? Which level and which mechanisms are stakeholders prepared to accept?
- Does the financing of Innovation by SEPs lead to distorting competition ?
- What are the minimum rules and means related to SEPs to make strong innovation sustainable and to avoid using SEPs as a mean to control the market?


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A short snack will be organized.
Detailed program will be distributed when finalized.